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To start at CrossFit Fairfield, first contact us to schedule an appointment for the On-Ramp classes.  Call us at 618-599-2255.  Also check out the “what is fitness ” link to learn more about crossfit.  You must complete the On-Ramp classes to get into our regular CrossFit classes.

The On-Ramp class consist of 4 personal training sessions.  In these 4 classes you will learn more about the CrossFIt program, you will be personally trained through CrossFits 9 fundamental movements, and yes you will do a scaled workout at each session.  These classes will help you learn the movements and range of motion for the exercises to fully get the benefits of the program.


We can and will modify the workouts to match your ability and fitness level.  We emphasize form, we teach with light weights, and we reduce repetitions.   No matter what you see on the whiteboard, it can always be scaled for the individuals needs, CrossFit workouts are universally scalable.

The key to the workout of the day is the 20 minute or less workouts performed at a very high intensity, this allows you to develop an elite level of fitness for life.

The key to results is consistent high intensity and hard work.  The WOD (workout of the day) should be habit for you, make health and fitness your priority.  Results are not guaranteed, they are earned.

For scheduling click on the link in the right column on the home page and follow the direction to set up an account with mind body.

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  1. What are the class hours? What is the process for someone experienced in Crossfit and the movements?


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